Dato Paduka

Dato Paduka

Head of Operations

Aged 67 born 1953 from Kelantan, East Malaysia, graduated Bachelor in Economics, New Zealand is the Head of Operation  

He has vast experience and exposure in various industries regardless beyond Oil and Gas as was as Chambers of Commerce, Trade, Business Council as well as political networking. His proven and track record of experiences way back during the Tun Mahathir Mohammad era till today. His knowledge and far sight has bring interest from countries such as Europe, China and as far as Africa.

His days goes beyond multinationals local in Malaysia as well as overseas even as Country and Regional Representatives of establish companies in their respective industries. He as well administered as turn around and business reengineering as well managing special projects under Malaysian Government in the past for sectorial part of the industry as well as business community. He has successfully developed blueprints of sectorial industries as well as start-up to the extent of structuring financing as well business matching with his extensive global networks. 

He has also venture into services industries of hotels, food and services, financial services inclusive of global insurance and reinsurance placements. His past track record including the former Chairman of Malaysia – Poland, Malaysian Business Councils overseas, Committee Member of the Think Tank For Malacca State Government, Member of The National Petroleum Council as well as Justice of Peace award ship by the Malaysian King.

He has established, manage execute project management for Oil and Gas for downstream of PETMAL petrol stations, transportation, refinery, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Lubricants, Tank Farm or Oil Terminal. On the upstream, which his involvement in Oil Production and Exploration off shore and on shore.

On the Energy sector he as instrumental involved in areas of Power Plant, Solar, Wind Mill as well as Hydro energy. These technology able to be build and capitalise on the energy via gas, fuel oil, diesel inclusive dual fuel conceptual option. These past involvement include Engineering Procurement and Construction + Financing (EPC+F) capabilities

In the Oil and Gas industry, maritime activities has always been part of the business ecology and supply chain in supply of vessels for transportation, repairs as well as fabrication. His networks built extensive to supply civilian as well as military vessels certain global part of the world.

Lastly involvement in Oil Palm business in supplying Refined, Bleached & Deodorised (RBD), Palm Olien, palm oil fatty acid composition and palm kernels oil. Infrastructure development especially in oil and gas industries like, Petroleum Chemical Complex like, Fertiliser plant, other petrochemical products like polypropylene, resins etc.