Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

To be the most reliable and responsible Integrated Power Company with global footprint, delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders. To move forward and embrace expansion with innovation and expertise. The vision fuels our ambition to becoming the industry leaders. We continuously harp on our  approach to creating value for our clients, employees, society and shareholders by considering social, environmental and economic risks  and opportunities in our business processes and strategies.


Our Mission

  • Operating our assets at benchmark levels
  • Executing projects safely, with predictable benchmark quality, cost   and time
  • Growing the Wuta Energy businesses, be it across the value chain or across geographies, and also in allied or new businesses
  • Driving Organizational Transformation and creating a Culture that will help us to deliver on our strategic intent
  • Achieving our sustainability intent of ‘Leadership with Care’, by having leading and best practices on Care for the Environment, Care for the Community, Care for the Customers and Shareholders, and Care for the People
  • Being the lead adopter of technology, wherever appropriate, with a bold spirit of pioneering and calculated risk taking, and building capabilities that would help us internalize the use of these technologies


Our Core Values

Excellence: This is the guiding principle in all aspects of our corporate activities. We are poised to deliver excellent services to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.

Safety: We consider safety the foremost aspiration of our activities. Safety is a shared responsibility and at Wuta we promote safety in all our operations.

Integrity: We are truthful in all our dealings with our staff, clients as well as stakeholders. We deliver what we promise.

Reliability: We strive hard to ensure reliability in the provision of all our services;

Team work: We promote team work and build a harmonious working culture and

working environment through mutual respect. We strengthen communications and willingness to share and seek the best common interest of all our stakeholders.

Fairness: We promote fairness to all employees through equal opportunity and fair application of rules and rewards as well as punishments.