Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is paramount for international organizations that focus on improving citizens’ quality of life through the delivery of stable  and sustainable energy.

The ambition of WUTA extends far beyond the boundaries of its business activities.  We strongly believe in supporting projects that improve the lives of people in the local communities where we operate.

As such, WUTA’s commitments to social responsibility include:

  • Ensuring ecological conservation and development
  • Abiding by health and safety standards
  • Adhering to all quality, health, safety and environmental requirements, guidelines, and goals at project sites from design to completion

Transforming society to be in harmony with the environment by making dedicated efforts to reduce our direct and indirect  environmental impacts



WUTA resolves to achieve and sustain a reputation for excellence in the domestic and international arena and strives to satisfy customers’ needs  by executing to consistently

high quality standards at competitive prices and within the agreed upon timeframe.

We shall comply with the requirements and continually improve the quality management

system with the following objectives:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Employee motivation and empowerment
  • Continual growth with a vision to be the leading global renewable energy company



The following corporate quality objectives shall be planned and coordinated for effective implementation and follow up.

  • Detailed planning of activities to ensure completion within specified timeframes
  • Continuous review and control of costs to ensure completion of works within specified budget
  • Achieving high client satisfaction in all activities
  • Knowledge sharing through structured training programs