100 MW (HFO/Diesel/Natural Gas) Power Plant In Komsilga, Burkina Faso

The proposed Multi-Fuel (HFO, Diesel and Natural Gas) power plant is designed to produce an electrical power of 100 MWe with heavy fuel diesel oil as the main fuel.

The project duration for the first Line 1 with 4 Gensets including full BoP is about 7 months from the letter of credit to the provisional acceptance certificate (PAC).

Power plant is mainly equipped with

  • N°6 Multi-Fuel Gensets (16.5 MWe For Each Engine)
  • N°1 Diesel Genset (2.0 MWe)

The expected plant performances, by considering n°7 diesel engines

  • Electric Power @ Generator Terminals Approx. 100 MWe
  • Electric Efficiency @ Generator Terminals Approx. 45%