ERA Solar

ERA Solar, an internationally established company of the stock exchange listed ERA Group, is a well-known manufacturer of high quality solar cells and photovoltaic modules since long time.

At ERA Solar sustainability is top priority. ERA Solar feels strongly accountable to his partners and is making significant efforts in advancing its technology and permanentely improving the efficiency and quality of the products to manufacture high quality cells and modules with high reliability and consistency over the guaranteed operation time.

ERA Solar seeks to build strong relationships to partners all over the world and meets customers’ requirements with a strong sense of professionalism and accountability. According to this maxim ERA solar manufactures modules which meet the standards of quality, reliability and durable equal power rating.

Lots of customers having installed a worldwide considerable number of plants equipped with ERA modules trust in the performance advantage and equal power rating of ERA modules.

All development and manufacturing is conducted by well trained scientists, engineers and technicians focused on continuous improvements and advancement of the cell and modul efficiency, being well aware that the true value of a panel lies in its electrical output.

For quality control ERA Solar puts its cells and modules through rigorous in-house tests in specially equipped laboratories for material and components testing, quality checks, UV hotspot , micro crack testing, pressure load test, outdoor exposure, humidity, freeze, robustness and so on. For maximum endurance in all weather conditions as water exposure, wind pressure, hail impact and snow load. ERA Solar delivers what is promised.

In management an experienced executive team with a strong background in strategy operates the Photovoltaic business and acts in ways that work for the customers by providing first class modules and by offering excellent service all over the world.

ERA Solar has a strong understanding of global markets and never neglects local needs and concerns. Partners in various countries support this service and provide assistance to all concerns in the respective country. ERA Solar maintains centrally located warehouses in Europe for a distribution network with minimal lead time.

Despite all differences in the respective countries ERA Solar recognizes what all customers are searching for: long-term strength they can rely on and solutions that meet their needs. That’s what ERA Solar fulfills with longlasting high quality products and excellent customer service.

A large number of worldwide installed plants equipped with ERA modules delivers day after day maximum energy output with excellent long term reliability.

The power output of worldwide realized plants shows that ERA Solar modules produce more energy in real-world environments.