China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC)

China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) was restructured and renamed from "China National Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corporation" on January 18, 2011. Established in 1978, as the first large national corporation integrating foreign trade with industry, CMEC is a large global conglomerate with the engineering contracting as its core business and its main business includes import and export trade, R & D work and design as well the international service.

As a well-known international engineering contractor, CMEC ranked 3rd among the top fifty China's enterprises listed by the Ministry of Commerce of China in terms of the business turnover completed in foreign engineering contracting in 2008. CMEC has been listed among the largest 225 contractors in the world by Engineering News-Record, a famous magazine in the United Stated, for several consecutive years.

CMEC has advantages in international engineering contracting, complete plant export, import and export of electromechanical products and ranks the leading position particularly in turnkey contracts for the international power engineering and various large projects. CMEC has created several "No.1 in China". In the 1980’s, CMEC successfully exported the first set of 210MW thermal power plant using seller's credit; In the 1990’s, the coal fire, gas turbine sets and 320MW thermal power generating units entered the international market for the first time; The 4 sets of 30MW hydropower units were contracted in Africa for the first time; The float glass plant that can melt 500 tons of glass per day was designed and installed for the first time; After the beginning of the new century, 210,000 line program controlled switches were exported overseas for the first time; Large quantities of hi-tech remote-controlled integrated static meter were exported to Europe for the first time; The national radio and television center was constructed in Africa for the first time; The technology of horizontal connecting drilling and trona production was exported for the first time, and the largest well-pair mining drilling and the largest trona production line (500 thousand tons/year) in the single production line in the world at present; The combined cycle power plant of first dual-fuel 6FA gas turbine units was contracted in the world; Power stations with 600MW sub-critical coal-fired generating sets and 600MW sub-critical lignite generating sets were exported to the international market for the first time.

CMEC is engaged in the business of acting as main contractor of the international engineering contracting and the export of complete plant, its business scope covers over 120 countries in five continents worldwide. Its business sectors involve in power generation, transmission and transformation, light industry, textiles, food, building materials, communication, railway, harbour, telecommunication, broadcasting and TV, ship-building, metallurgy and mining.

CMEC has 26 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries in China. 10 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries 23 representative offices based in the countries worldwide as well as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

CMEC will continue to follow the corporate ideal of "Create ideas achieve dreams" and "to improve people's quality of life" as social responsibility, continuing commitment to mutual benefit and common development, harmony and progress. Adhering to the corporate culture of "people-oriented, innovation, competition, cooperation, integrity, dedication, harmony", and strive to become an international project contracting, international trade and related services in the forefront in China and of world-renowned international enterprise group.