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Wuta Energy is on course to develop a 300MW Power Plant in Beyin, located in the Jomoro District of the Western Region of Ghana. The Power Plant will utilize gas from the Ghana National Gas Plant located about 4km from the proposed site.

Wuta Energy's short to long term energy development plan will make it a major player in the energy sector in Ghana. Backed by experienced management team, the company seeks to apply environmentally friendly technology in the generation of electricity. As part of its short term plan, it will construct a 150MW plant in Beyin. This will be expanded to 300MW in the next few years. Currently Wuta Energy has an agreement with the Ghana National Gas Company to supply gas for its first project.

Wuta Energy will further expand its mandate in the energy sector by exploring and developing a suite of low emission and renewable energy generation opportunities.

Wuta Energy is also working on developing a solar energy power project. Other renewable energy projects to be undertaken by Wuta Energy will include Waste to Energy. ‘Renewable sources are an important part of our generation capacity. Through our suite of renewable energy projects, we are taking action toward creating a sustainable energy future for our investors, communities and customers''.




Project milestone

Wuta Incorporation
February 2013

Provisional Licence issued
3rd April 2013

Siting Permit
3rd April 2013

Land acquired

Gas Sales Agreement signed.
27th March 2015

Site clearing
September 2015

Partnership signing with Cummins Cogeneration
13th November 2015

PPA (initialed draft)
25th November 2015

On-site Construction to begin
April 2015


Project description

Location of the Proposed Thermal Power Plant

The 330 m x 400 m site for the proposed 150 MW natural-gas fired power plant is located in the Jomoro District of the Western Region of Ghana, at about 700 meters after Ekabaku town and about 400 meters before Beyin town. The project site is also strategically located about 6km from the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant of Ghana National Gas Company in the bordering Elembelle District. The proposed site can be easily accessed off the branch road from the Takoradi – Elubo Highway which leads through Atuabo Township to Beyin Community and the other communities beyond.



The Main Components of the Proposed Beyin Power Plant Project

The main components of the proposed Beyin Power Plant Project by WUTA Energy Limited are:

• 150 MW Thermal Power Plant

• 6 km gas pipeline

• 11.5 km 161 kV transmission line


Site Design

The proposed project site will accommodate the following:

• 4 x Genset Blocks (Cummins QSV‐91)

• Organic rankine cycle (Atlas Copco)

• Switchyard (11kV to 161kV)

• Auxiliary facilities (offices, operation & maintenance


Design Parameters

A power plant block will be sized for accommodating 18 engines and 2 spare cells as the standard block. This will be the module for each of the 4 blocks. Further details are as follows:


18 electric generator sets / block will be housed in each building.


• An 11kV switchgear bus bar rating will be sized for 18 electric

   generator sets in each block.

• 4 Power Transformer / Block will be rated for power export of 36

   MW (42/56 MVA , 11  kV/161kV)

• The organic rankine cycle power will be exported through a

   separate power transformer  (15+23MVA , 11kV /161kV)

• The Switchyard bus at 161kV will be designed for carrying out

    Power export of 150 MW.

• The switchyard outgoing will be a LOOP- IN – LOOP OUT feeder.

• All Power Transformers will be charged only through a 161kV line

   and synchronization will be done at 11 KV.


Cooling System

The preferred cooling option under consideration for the natural gas fired power plant is air cooling. Given the general lack of fresh water in the area and high cost of sea water based systems, air cooling will provide an ideal, cost-effective and environmentally friendly option as compared to water cooling systems.


Organic Rankine Cycle

Part of the electricity will be generated from Waste Heat technology. An Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology will be constructed to use Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) from the Exhaust to deliver up to 8-10MW (10-12% additional on the Genset rated capacity).


6km Gas Pipeline

A 6 km 12” underground pipeline will be constructed to connect the power plant to the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant for gas delivery.


11 km 161 kV Transmission Line

A dedicated 11.5 km 161 kV transmission line is proposed to be constructed as part of the project

from the site to Tikobo No.1 for power evacuation. Discussions are currently on going with GRIDCo and other relevant agencies on identifying and having legal control of the access route for the transmission line. Based on contractual agreements reached with GRIDCo, WUTA Energy Limited may construct the transmission line and GRIDCo will be in charge of maintenance.


Gas Supply

The proposed 150 MW thermal power plant will be fired by natural gas sourced from the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant of Ghana National Gas Company located about 6km away from the proposed project site under a Gas Sales Agreement signed by both parties.


Strategic Relations

Project Partners


Cummins Cogeneration Limited   (http://cumminscogen.com/)


Technical Partners

Gentec/epc     (http://www.dgset.com/)

Louis Berger   (http://www.louisberger.com/)


Pipeline Construction

Heiland Resources (http://www.heilandresources.com/)


Government Agencies



Ghana Gas

Ministry Of Power

Ministry of Energy and Petroleum



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